Service Times

10:00 AM  -  Sunday School
11:00 AM  -  Morning Worship
6:30 PM  -  Evening Worship
11:00 AM  -  Morning Prayer / Bible Study
6:45 PM  -  IMPACT Teens (Grades 7-12)
7:00 PM  -  Kid's Clubs (3 years to 6th grade)
7:00 PM  -  Evening Prayer / Bible Study

(Nursery is provided during ALL regular services.)
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Adult Bible Fellowships & Children/Youth Sunday School Classes

Elementary & Youth Sunday School


In our Elementary Sunday School we greatly emphasize learning about God, who He is and what He does; the learning of the great stories of the Old Testament and their meanings, the learning about the birth, life, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ...  There is an emphasis on making the Scriptures relevant to children's everyday lives.

In our children’s and youth classes, there is an age appropriate emphasis on evangelism, daily Christian living, and discipleship.  We also offer frequent activities for these ages that incorporate fun, fellowship, and opportunities for young people to serve God.  These classes are divided based on school grade levels from pre-school levels through high school.

Youth Age Groups:


Jr. High 
Sr. High

Birth-Age 3

Age 3-K
Grade 1-3
Grade 4-6
Grade 7-8
Grade 9-12

Adult Bible Fellowships

The Adult Bible Fellowships are foremost the teaching and edification (equipping and the maturing of the saints) arm of our church. We place a great emphasis on the teaching of the Word of God and on fellowship. It is the Word that brings about growth and a willingness to serve in a person's life, and in the life of a family. Our goal is for a person or family to mature in the faith so they can do the work of the ministry and edify the body of Christ. This gives great stability and great strength to the local church (Ephesians 4:11-16).
There are two major focuses of our Adult Bible Fellowships...
Focus One:
The systematic teaching of the Word of God and the equipping and the maturing of the saints. This includes teaching from the Old & New Testaments, Doctrine, Book Studies, Practical Studies and Topical Studies.
Focus Two:
Our second focus is to accomplish community, fellowship and caring with and for one another.
...and six objectives of our Adult Bible Fellowships...
      Pray ~ Praying intentionally for each member of the class
     Serve ~ Lovingly accepting and serving our community - outreach
     Engage Intentionally ~ GO and engage those without Christ (The Great Commission)
     Care ~ Passionately love and care for each member of their class
     Exhort ~ Biblically exhort and encourage through the teaching of the Word
    Equip ~ Diligently equip our members to serve through the teaching of the Word.
At CBC, we believe that our Adult Bible Fellowships (ABF) must meet the ever changing needs of our church family. Some classes may be short term in nature revolving around topical issues or specific studies, but the majority of our classes are offered with the intent to build and enforce strong relationships and encourage fellowship among the students.
At present, these ABF's are available:
Agape Class: (Mixed ages) Following a verse-by-verse format in their study of God's Word, class interaction is a part of this class' approach to the Scripture. 
Auditorium Class: This class is primarily an older mixed group, but is open to all ages and focuses on Bible Doctrine.
Berean Class: This interesting class includes middle-aged and older couples that enjoy studying the Word, Biblical history, current topics, and fellowship. Lots of class participation makes this a church favorite.
Connections Class: This is a young adult class which ranges from out of high school to age thirty, both single and married. This class focuses on the Word and makes application to every day living.
Foundations: This class focuses on the Foundational Truth of the Word that is needed for spiritual growth, and is great for new believers, or anyone over the age of 30, wanting a deeper study of foundational truths. This is a mixed class for those within the 30-55 year old age group that focuses on and studies the foundations of our faith.
Rope Holders: All ages of adults will benefit from this class as they primarily use and in-depth verse-by-verse study in their approach to the Word of God.
Seekers Class: This dynamic class is geared to singles and married couples between the ages of 30 and 40. They enjoy discussing and finding Biblical solutions to those topics that concern them and their young families. Class interaction, involvement, and activities make this a great place for young couples and families to connect with others like themselves.
We encourage you to visit our classes and see which one is the best fit for your needs!
If you are interested in more information click here to use our contact form.