Service Times

10:00 AM  -  Sunday School
11:00 AM  -  Morning Worship
6:30 PM  -  Evening Worship
11:00 AM  -  Morning Prayer / Bible Study
6:45 PM  -  IMPACT Teens (Grades 7-12)
7:00 PM  -  Kid's Clubs (3 years to 6th grade)
7:00 PM  -  Evening Prayer / Bible Study

(Nursery is provided during ALL regular services.)
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Children's Ministries

We believe strongly in ministering to children.  
Take a look at these statistics from Child Evangelism Fellowship:

                1%    of people accept Christ before age 4
                 85% of people accept Christ from ages 4 – 13
                10%  of people accept Christ from ages 14-30
                4%    of people accept Christ after age 30

Wow!  Most people that get saved make that decision as a child!  These statistics tell us that children’s ministry is invaluable!  As a result, we offer a variety of ministries for the use of evangelism and discipleship in the lives of children.

Regular Weekly Ministries For Children:

Children’s Sunday School
We offer Sunday School classes for every age.  Our Sunday School hour includes singing, prayer time, exciting opening presentations, and faithful teaching of God’s Word.  A distinguishing feature of Colonial’s Sunday School is a dedicated staff with long tenure. Our Sunday School also provides various outside activities and parties throughout the year.

Wednesday Night Kids 4 Truth Clubs

Kids 4 Truth( is our children’s program that takes place on Wednesday nights and runs throughout the school year (mid-August  through May).  The program runs from 7:00pm until 8:15pm.  Kids 4 Truth’s motto says, "It’s All About God.”  The club is focused around 12 doctrines of the faith and carefully instructs the children in these vital doctrines.  We do this through Bible lessons, memorizing Scripture and important Bible terms, and review in a small group setting.  The club also involves singing, and game time.  The clubs main goals are evangelism and discipleship, but we sure do have a blast in the meantime!

Seasonal Ministries For Children:

Wednesday Night Summer Programs 
During the summer, we have a children's program for Age 3 to Grade 4 that spans across 12 weeks or so, until the next Kids 4 Truth year begins.  Each summer, the program is built around a Biblical theme (ie. Missions, the Local Church, etc.).  The program runs from 7:00pm until 8:00pm and includes singing, Bible lesson time, guest speakers, and game time. 

Colonial Bible Time: 
Colonial Bible Time is similar to Vacation Bible School, but we like to affectionately refer to it as "VBS on Steroids”! It normally takes place the last week in July and is the most exciting week for children possible!  It involves well-trained leaders, exciting stories, songs, prizes, food, games, contests, opportunities for awards, and loads of fun.  Over the years, we have seen many children place their faith in Jesus Christ as a result of Bible Time.    

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