Service Times

10:00 AM  -  Sunday School
11:00 AM  -  Morning Worship
6:30 PM  -  Evening Worship
11:00 AM  -  Morning Prayer / Bible Study
6:45 PM  -  IMPACT Teens (Grades 7-12)
7:00 PM  -  Kid's Clubs (3 years to 6th grade)
7:00 PM  -  Evening Prayer / Bible Study

(Nursery is provided during ALL regular services.)
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Disclaimer: These resource links are for your personal Bible study and help with areas of personal growth as well as helps for you and your family in witnessing and thus fulfilling the Great Commission. Just because a resource is listed here it does not mean or imply that Colonial Baptist Church endorses everything that these ministries and resources believe or teach. Nor do we endorse any connections that these resources may have with other organizations. Follow the Biblical principles of seeking wise counsel and prayerfully consider information from these resources in light of Scripture.


Institute for Creation Research -

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries -

Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry -

Bible Gateway / Crosswalk -

Christian Answers (lots of helpful materials) -

Thru the Bible Ministries -

Back to the Bible -

Radio Bible Class Ministries -

Living Waters / Way of the Master Ministries -

Ex-Mormons for Jesus -

Mormon Outreach -

Christian Answers help with Witnessing to Mormons

Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry -

The Jerusalem Post -

Christian Films -

Jeremiah Films -

Bob Jones University – Unusual Films Films Productions?parent_category_rn=281459

Scripture Truth -

Christian Book Distributers -

Christian Answers for Witnessing to Muslims, Wiccans and Jehovah‘s Witnesses

If you have any recommendations for additional resource links that you feel should be added here, then please submit them for our review using our contact form.  We may not use them, but we will consider them all and post the ones which we believe will be most beneficial to families as they seek to minister to others as well as teach their own children sound Biblical truth.